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Food premises - approval

Under the Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2006 and EC Regulations 853/2004, 854/2004 and 852/2004 any food premises which deals with products of animal origin such as meat, dairy, egg or fish is required to be inspected and approved by the Local Authority. Food premises approved under these regulations must meet additional requirements above the general requirements for food premises as they usually involve more high risk operations.


  • More Information about Registering Your Food Premises

    This page explains that the majority of food business which involve handling of food must be registered with the local council. It explains how and when food business proprietors should contact the council about registering their business. There is a link to further information about registering food premises and a facility to request a form to complete as the means to register.

  • Starting a food business

    This page offers advice to anyone starting a food business. It explains the help that the Council's Environmental Health Officers can give to a food business proprietor and how this can save time and money. There is a link to information about registering a food business with the council and a link to more information about starting a food business from the Food Standards Agency.

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