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Council housing - adaptations

This page contains information on adaptations that Oadby and Wigston Brough Council are able to carry out to your home.

An adaptation can be very simple, like a grab rail or small ramp by a front door or an extra stair banister. These are known as minor adaptations. Adaptations for our tenants are free of charge. We will also organise for all the work to be carried out.

How do I apply for an adaptation?

If you live in a house or a flat you need to contact your housing officer. If you are over 60 and live in a bungalow, then contact our Housing Support Worker at the Council Offices. Please contact us first, as with some requests we may be able to help quickly. We can also let you know about other options, such as the possibility of moving to another property that might already be adapted.

If we cannot help straight away, we will give you the contact details of an occupational therapist. This is a person who is specially trained to assess your needs and recommend the most appropriate type of adaptation for you. Occupational therapists are employed by Leicestershire County Council and will need to visit you in your home to make their assessment. They will write to us to let us know what they recommend. We can then discuss with you what work will be carried out and when it is likely to be done.

How long will I have to wait?

The time that it takes for an occupational therapist to arrange and complete an assessment can vary. Staff at Leicestershire County Council will be able to let you know how soon an occupational therapist can visit you. Once the Occupational Therapist has told us about your needs, the time that it will take to carry out the adaptation depends whether it is minor or major.

We aim to complete minor adaptations within six weeks. We will let you know if we think it may take longer to complete the work. There is a waiting list for major adaptations. However, our aim is to complete major adaptations within 12 months of being told about your needs.

We deal with requests for adaptations in the order of the date that we receive the request, unless we are told by Leicestershire County Council that we should treat a request as a priority. If an adaptation needs to be done to allow a person to return home from hospital, we will try to carry out the adaptation straight away.

There is a limited amount of money available for adaptations every year. This means that sometimes we cannot carry out adaptations as quickly as people would like. It is also one of the reasons why we will always talk to people about different ways of meeting their needs. If we do not have enough money to carry out the work within the normal time limits mentioned, we will let you know.

To contact an occupational therapist, you will need to contact Leicestershire County Council by telephone on 0116 232 3232. Information is also available on the County Council web site - in the Social Care Section, under the heading of 'Support at home'. For the Housing Section at Oadby and Wigston Borough Council please the panel on the right.

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