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Friday 24 October 2014 Oadby & Wigston Borough Council tenants may experience delays in accessing services due to essential IT maintenance.

Garden Waste Collection

This page provides details of the fortnightly garden waste collection service that currently operates in the Borough. It outlines the type of materials that you can place in the bags; the maximum weight for each bag; where to put the bag on the collection day; which bags you should use and what to do if your bag is not emptied.

Please note that the garden waste service will be suspended from 1st December 2014 and will recommence week commencing 16th February 2015.

Garden waste collection

What can be put in my bagGarden Waste Bag?

Grass cuttings, leaves, small hedge and tree clippings, small plants, flowers and other compostable waste from the garden can be placed in your garden waste bag.

What cannot be placed in my bag?

Kitchen waste, such as rotten vegetables and peelings, plastic bags or packaging, soil, concrete or bricks, cooked food or meat scraps, animal waste, glass, commercial waste, household waste or other recyclable materials.

How much can be put in the bag?

To avoid health and safety risks, only put in how much you can lift. Do not overfill the bag. Remember, if it is heavy for you, it will be heavy for our crew. The maximum weight in the bag should be no more than 7 kilograms.

What should I do for the bag to be collected?

Place the bag at the front edge of your property by 7:00 a.m. on your collection day. The bag will be emptied and returned to your property.

Bags will not be emptied if they are not easily accessible, or if they are too heavy or contain the wrong materials.

Can other bags be used if I have more garden waste?

No. As the collection vehicle has a limited capacity, we want to ensure that every household receives the service. Therefore, please only use the bags we provide.

Your bag has been left out for collection but has not been emptied

If your bag is not emptied on the collection day and you are sure that your bag was not contaminated or too heavy, please contact Operational Services on (0116) 288 8961 (option 2).

If you are a new resident or have any questions regarding your collection day, please click here to contact us

Last updated: Friday, 10 October 2014 5:49 pm

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