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This page contains information about how to mutually exchange your tenancy with another tenant, it outlines the rules and provides links to other useful web sites.

If you want to exchange or swap your council property with another tenant, the first thing to do is to find a suitable exchange. You can swap with another council tenant or housing association tenant. Exchanges are advertised on our Choice Based Lettings system (within Leicestershire) or via Homeswapper which is a country-wide scheme. The latter is sometimes a quicker option than waiting for vacancies to arise through our Choice Based Lettings system.

There are a few simple rules to mutual exchanges. When an exchange takes place it is by means of 'assignment'. This is a legal term and means that each tenant takes over the terms, rights and obligations of each other's original tenancy. You must accept the property as seen. You must ensure that all outstanding repairs and defects are reported. You must not move until you receive official permission from your landlord. You must therefore apply to your landlord for permission to exchange. Housing staff will take you through the process of completing the exchange.

Exchanges can only be refused if:

  • there is a current court order for rent arrears or anti-social behaviour; or legal proceedings have commenced,
  • the exchange could lead to overcrowding or under occupation,
  • the property is designed for people with specific needs,
  • the other landlord has not given consent,
  • the property is linked to the provision of support or
  • the property is tied accommodation.

If you find a suitable exchange you should view the property before agreeing to proceed. You must then contact your landlord for application forms to apply for permission to exchange.

Exchanges can be found - or via

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