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How to Get Ordnance Survey Maps

This page gives information on how to purchase Ordnance Survey maps for the purpose of submitting either Planning (or associated) Applications or Building Regulations Application, including links to external websites.

A planning application must be accompanied by a plan of the site. This page outlines how Ordnance Survey maps can be obtained for this purpose and includes pricing and size details together with links to the Planning Portal and Ordnance Survey's web site.

Most applications under the Town and Country Planning legislation and the Building Regulations require the submission of a Ordnance Survey based map (the Location Plan and/or the Site Plan).

These plans can be purchased through the Planning Portal (Site Plan Creater) which can then be used when submitting an application electronically.

Alternatively, Ordnance Survey Plans can be purchased directly from Ordnance Survey.

Last updated: Thursday, 9 May 2013 1:55 pm

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