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Choice based lettings

This page has information about the way that the Council lets its properties (using a system called Choice Based Lettings) and how you can apply for council housing.

We introduced Choice Based Lettings at Oadby and Wigston Borough Council a year ago. This is a new way of allocating council housing and some housing association properties. All the seven district councils within Leicestershire are combining to run the service together.

You will need to register to join the scheme and you can do this by contacting the Council for an application form. You can also apply on-line at or print off and send a copy of the attached form.

In order to find out which properties are available we will advertise details of properties that we have available for letting each fortnight. The information will be on the website ( or on a newsletter in our Council offices or customer services centres in the libraries. Some properties may only be open to certain people (for example, bungalows may be reserved for older people)

In order to show your interest in a property, you will need to bid for it. You can bid on-line at the site, or by phone or text. You can make up to three bids per advertising cycle and you can change this bid before the close of the bidding cycle. A copy of the advertising and bidding cycle is attached.

To decide who gets the property, we will decide on the applicant with the most urgent need to move. This will usually be the person at the top of the list. When applications are received they are registered into one of four bands - low, medium, high or priority. Within these bands applications are in date order - therefore properties will be offered to the bidder who is in the highest band and has been waiting the longest. We also allow priority to people who have a local connection.

Every fortnight, we will publish details of the band and the length of time spent waiting for people who have been successful. (We will not provide any personal details). This will give you a better idea of the likelihood of being successful when you bid again.

We are currently re-registering applications and this process will occur every twelve months approximately. If you have any change of circumstances to report then please let us know as soon as possible.

If you are already a Council or housing association tenant and are interested in "swapping" your home with another tenant, please see "mutual exchanges" for further information. We can advertise your exchange on our choice based lettings system for county-wide exchanges. For exchanges further afield there is a national exchange scheme called Homeswapper - if you wish to register please look at the attached site.

If you require any further information then please contact us at the Council offices or our customer service centres.

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How Do I Apply for Council Accommodation?

To apply, you must complete a Choice Based Lettings application form and return it to us with the correct documentation. This can be done online through our Housing webpages. Alternatively, you can collect an application form from our Customer Service Centres or request for the form to be posted to you by contacting Housing on Leicester 0116 288 8961.

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