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How do I apply for help with my rent or council tax?

You can apply for both Housing Benefit (help with your rent) and Council Tax Benefit (help with your Council Tax) by completing the Council's housing and council tax benefit application form. However, if you have already filled in the Benefits Agency form (HCTB1 or Local Authority Input Document) along with an application for Income Support or Income Based Job Seekers Allowance, you do not need to also complete the Council form unless you wish to claim Housing Benefit as a tenant of a private landlord.
You will need to submit all the documentary proof that is asked for (original documents only) including evidence of your identity and your National Insurance number. For further information please go to the Information Required page.
Please answer all the questions on the form, and provide the necessary supporting evidence as quickly as possible, to allow us to assess your claim promptly. If you don't have the documentary evidence immediately available do not delay submitting your claim for housing and council tax benefit otherwise you may lose benefit to which you are entitled. (See question 5 regarding backdating of entitlement.)
For more information go to the Housing and Council Tax benefit entitlement page.