I vote by proxy and the person i appointed as my proxy has registered as a postal proxy (to vote on my behalf by post). will you be a sending signature refresh notice to me and to my appointed proxy?

Yes, we will send a signature refresh notice to you. If we receive a completed signature refresh notice from you and it is satisfactory, you will have confirmed to us that you still wish to vote by proxy. However, should you fail to provide a new signature within the timescales stated by the notice, we will write to the person who you have appointed as your proxy to inform them that their proxy appointment has been cancelled.

We will also write to the person you have appointed as your proxy and ask them to provide us with a fresh signature. If they do not provide a fresh signature that can be scanned into our system by the deadline, they will lose their entitlement to vote on your behalf by post. If this is the case, we will write to you as the elector to explain that while your proxy appointment remains in place, your proxy must now attend your polling station to cast your vote on your behalf.