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Suspension of Employees

Requested on
Wednesday, 10 August 2011
2011 July 4
Information provided


1. A list of council employees suspended while still being paid, detailing in each instance:
a. The salary of each employee, and what percentage being paid while suspended.
b. The job title
c. The reasons for suspension
d. Whether any criminal charges followed suspension
e. The length of suspension
f. Whether following the suspension the employee was retained or left the organisation (Please indicate if a member of staff was
suspended more than once)
2. A copy of the council's internal guidance on the suspension of staff


  1. No staff were suspended from their positions during 2009/10 or 2010/11. One member of staff is currently suspended on full pay in accordance with the Disciplinary Policy.

To provide any other information could lead to the identification of the individual and, therefore, after balancing the legitimate interests of the public in having access to the information against the interests of the individual, I consider this to be exempt under Section 40(2).

2. Please find a copy of the Council's internal guidance on the suspension of staff attached.

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