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Complaints against allotment holders

Requested on
Wednesday, 10 August 2011
2011 July 5
Information provided


Under the Freedom of Information Act, please could you tell me whether your council has received any complaints since 1st January 2009 from allotment holders about the behaviour / conduct of other allotment holders. If so, please could you indicate how many and provide a brief description of the nature of each dispute (for instance, whether it related to plants being grown on the borders of 2 allotments, the illegal keeping of animals there... etc... etc..) and how it was resolved?


Two - both stealing. First complainant would not press a charge or reveal who the suspect was. Second incident resolved by the tenancy being terminated.


Could you also tell me whether your council has taken action against any allotment holders during the same period for breaching allotment rules (without receiving a complaint). Again, please can you indicate how many times this has occurred, a brief description of the circumstances and how the matter was resolved.


Ten - eight untidy/uncultivated plots, one untidy plot (due to ill health), one unpaid rent. All tenancies were terminated.

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