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Biodiversity offsetting schemes

Requested on
Monday, 3 October 2011
2011 September 08
Information provided


1. Can you provide details of any planning permissions granted by your Local Planning Authority which mandated any habitat or biodiversity offsetting schemes under Conservation (Natural Habitats, &c) Regs 1994 (Commonly known as 'Habitats Regulations' under the EU Habitats Directive)?


To date, (October 2011) with regards to planning applications received in this Borough, they are mainly to do with urban areas and therefore domestic housing applications. These have little impact on species and habitats under the EU legislation as above, and thus there has been no need for any habitat or biodiversity offsetting schemes.


2. Have you undertaken any other offsetting scheme under other planning legislation (such as Section 106 planning agreements)? Are you aware of any voluntary or other offsetting agreements that have taken place by developers?

3. Can you send all the relevant documentation relating to any offsetting schemes (preferably as PDFs)? This could include, but should not necessarily be limited to:
-- Environmental Impact Statements
-- Any Section 106 documentation relating to the offsetting schemes
-- Details of long-term management plans
-- Evidence of current condition of offset sites
-- Evidence of effect on transported species

4. How much did each individual offsetting scheme cost?

5. Can you provide any evidence of any monitoring and follow-up assessing the ongoing quality of the offset scheme.

6. Has your local authority instigated any enforcement action if the offsetting was unsuccessful? What was the outcome of the enforcement for each offsetting scheme?

7. Does your Local Authority employ an in-house ecologist? If not, how do you get advice on ecological matters in planning?


Not applicable- see above response to question 1

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