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Stray Dog Control

Requested on
Wednesday, 21 September 2011
2011 September 15
Information provided


I would be grateful if you could advise me what the TOTAL annual expenditure is for your Stray Dog Control. Please provide a breakdown of all related costs within this to include Staffing, Office Space, Telephone Costs, Administration Costs, Kennelling, Food, Medication, Provision for Micro-Chipping, Vehicles, Education, and any other related costs that have not been listed here.


We do not separate the details that are the subject of this request.
Many aspects of our stray dog service, such as admin, vehicle, telephone and office space are shared with other environmental health services and not recorded separated.

The expenditure that relates specifically to stray dogs is -

2011/12 Expenditure on out of hours stray dog service - £4,000
2010/11 Kennelling fees and veterinary costs - £1,625

In 2011/12, the overall cost of the dog control service, of which stray dog control is a part, was £30,000.

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