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Requested on
Monday, 17 October 2011
2011 September 23
Information provided


1. How many residents in your council area have been identified by the council as currently being "at risk" of losing their homes? (eg: those in housing difficulty who have contacted the council for assistance in any of the above situations and those identified by the council as being at risk of becoming homeless), comparing figures September 2010 and September 2011.
2. Can you provide a breakdown of these residents by their tenure (privately renting, council tenants, private homeowners)?
3. Can you provide a breakdown of the reasons given by households in need of advice or assistance (eg: redundancy, family breakdown, domestic violence, financial difficulty etc)?


Private Tenancy - 7
Family Home - 7
Owner Occupier - 3
Hostel - 1
Marital Home - 2
Council - 1
Social Services - 1

Relationship breakdown - 6
Divorce - 1
End of short hold tenancy - 3
Bereavement - 1
Abandonment - 2
Asked to leave by family - 4
Overcrowding - 3
Hostel eviction - 1
Care leaver - 1


Does your council have an accurate figure or estimate for the number of people in the council area currently sleeping rough, as at your last rough sleeping count?


We estimate that at any one time there may be 1 person sleeping rough within the Borough.


Does you council have an accurate figure or estimate for the number of people placed by the council and currently living in temporary accommodation? Comparing figures for September 2010 and September 2011.


September 2010 - 6

September 2011 - 5


What is the council's total budget for homelessness services in the 2011/12 financial year and how does this compare to the budget for 2009/10 and 2010/11?


2009/10 - £107,060

2010/11 - £105,680

2011/12 - £103,790


Has the council been forced to scale back its homelessness services/provisiondue to budget cuts in the past year?



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