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Reduced Rent Schemes

Requested on
Wednesday, 2 November 2011
2011 October 12
Information provided


I would be grateful for answers to the following, with apologies if the matter is not in your jurisdiction:

1. 1) How many charities in total on 1/1/2011 rented council property?
2. 2) How many currently rent council property?
3. 3) How many charitable organisations been evicted from council property since 1/1/2011?
4. 4) Has the council cut the reduced rent scheme to any extent and if so by how much?
5. 5) If the answer to (4) is yes:
i) By how much have rents increased
ii) How much does the council hope to save by altering the reduced rent scheme?


1. None in social housing

2. None in social housing

3. None from social housing

4. Not applicable

5. Not applicable

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