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All you need to know about the local elections

The elections for Leicestershire County Council will take place on Thursday 4 May 2017. To find out where your nearest polling station is go to: and enter your postcode.

The results of the vote will be published on Friday 5 May on the Leicestershire County Council website:

Nominated candidates list for Oadby and Wigston Borough:

East Wigston

  • Michael Henry Charlesworth (Liberal Democrats)
  • Rani Mahal (Conservative Party)
  • Maureen Waugh (Labour Party)

North Wigston

  • Linda Margaret Broadley (Liberal Democrats)
  • Liz Darling (Conservative Party)
  • Jen Williams (Labour Party)


  • Gurpal Singh Atwal (Labour Party)
  • Stephen Alexander Bilbie (Conservative Party)
  • Bhupen Dave (Conservative Party)
  • Dean Adam Gamble (Liberal Democrats)
  • Mark James Hunt (UK Independence Party UKIP)
  • Jeffrey Kaufman (Liberal Democrats)
  • Camille Lesley Ievers Naylor (Labour Party)

South & West Wigston

  • Anne Rosemary Bond (Conservative Party)
  • Bill Boulter (Liberal Democrats)
  • Matthew William Luke (Labour Party)
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