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Oadby Uplands Ward By-Election

A Council by-election will be held for the Oadby Uplands ward on Thursday 21 September 2017, following the resignation of Councillor Gurpal S Atwal, one of the ward's two elected Members.

A full list of candidates standing for election will be published by 4pm on Friday 25 August 2017.

Poll cards will be sent to every registered elector in the Oadby Uplands ward from Wednesday 16 August 2017. Polling hours will be from 7am to 10pm.

Electors living in Oadby Uplands ward are reminded that they need to be registered in order to vote in this election. If you are not already registered, the deadline for applications to register to be received is Tuesday 5 September 2017. To register, go to or call our Customer Service Centre on 0116 288 8961.

Any person who is registered to vote in the ward can request a postal vote. Completed applications must be received by no later than 5pm on Wednesday 6 September.

For more information and advice on electoral registration or postal voting, visit:


Notice of Election - Oadby Uplands Ward (PDF Document, 8.33 Kb)

Statement of Persons Nominated - Oadby Uplands Ward By-Election (PDF Document, 11.25 Kb)

Notice of Election Agents' Names and Offices - Oadby Uplands By-Election (PDF Document, 8.71 Kb)

Declaration of Result of Poll - Election of a Borough Councillor for Oadby Uplands (PDF Document, 107.67 Kb)

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