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Development work to start at Brocks Hill

We are very excited to be working with our leisure partners, Sports Leisure Management Ltd (SLM), to upgrade the facilities at both Brocks Hill Visitor Centre and Parklands Leisure Centre this autumn/winter as a whole site approach.

Work is scheduled to begin from 14 November at Brocks Hill Visitor Centre to create a large activity area with a sprung wooden floor and improved lighting. The café will receive a substantial facelift as part of the upgrade, as well as other areas being decorated.

This will not only increase participation levels at the Centre but it will increase community awareness of the educational service and the Country Park itself.

The Centre will close to the public on the evening of 15 December in order to carry out some of the works, then re-open on 28 December 2017.

On 11 December work is scheduled to begin on some fantastic new facilities at Parklands Leisure Centre. A new soft play and adventure climbing facility is scheduled to open in February 2018. The soft play will be a monster 4 level structure with something for children of all ages.

It will feature slides, foam ball shooters, trampolines and more. The climbing walls will be a fantastic mix of fun and colourful walls for different abilities. This is a great introduction to climbing, as well as great fun for parties.

James Naylor, Parklands Leisure Centre Manager said: “These improvements at both Brocks Hill Visitor Centre and Parklands Leisure Centre will be wonderful additions to already popular and successful facilities, meaning Oadby and Wigston will be a real focal point and a family destination for unique and exciting activities for people in the Borough and beyond.They will increase participation levels and help to achieve a healthier community, which we can all be proud of.”

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