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Move to wheeled bins for recycling

At its meeting on 24 April 2018, Oadby & Wigston Borough Councillors approved proposals to move to wheeled bins for the collection of kerbside recycling. This decision to change the receptacle for collecting household recycling items forms part of the Council’s wider plans to protect and improve services to local residents.

This decision does not affect the change to the collection of refuse (black bags) or the frequency and collection days of recycling collections.

A joint statement from Oadby & Wigston Borough Council Leader, Cllr John Boyce and Cllr David Carter explained the decision that is expected to be introduced in July 2018:

“Whilst the move to changing the receptacle for recycling from disposable bags to wheelie bins is earlier than anticipated, it is a necessity for the Council. We want our borough to recycle as much as possible and reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill and minimise the litter that can be caused by using recycling bags, and evidence from our waste consultation in 2017, along with feedback to the Council through the Customer Service Centre is that our residents are receptive to the introduction of wheeled bins over bags, whilst keeping our weekly collections.

“So, by keeping our recycling collection weekly and moving to bins, it will significantly reduce the amount of plastic the Council uses and make it easier for our residents to co-mingle their recycling, increasing the amount we recycle and reduce costs.

“We will be in contact with our residents in the near future with further consultation regarding how we collect our refuse and recycling.”

The interim use of clear plastic bags for recycling is still ongoing. The placing of all household recycling into one receptacle and not having to separate recycling items will continue – it will just be deposited into a more suitable wheeled bin.

Full details, including a comprehensive list of FAQs, of how the transition to wheeled bins will happen and the further consultation will be available online and at our Customer Service Centre shortly.

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