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Pride of the Borough (Oadby and Wigston) Announces Membership Increase

Brocks Hill, Oadby— 18 June 2018 At the June monthly meeting, Pride of the Borough (Oadby and Wigston) announced a significant increase in membership, taking member numbers up past the 1000 mark reported by Sarah Dickinson, Membership Secretary and Treasurer at Pride of the Borough (Oadby and Wigston)

Pride of the Borough is made up of individuals, neighbourhood groups and voluntary organisations whose aim is to improve the borough of Oadby & Wigston and South Wigston. Their volunteers carry out a range of environmentally based projects, such as maintaining neighbourhood greens, tree and bulb planting, litter picking etc.

Specifically, for members of the Pride of the Borough the group run a loyalty card scheme that offers a wide range of great savings with over 50 local businesses and restaurants collaborating in the scheme. Membership Co-ordinator Graham Lamb comments “we have many positive reports of residents saving far more than the cost of the card in just one meal at one of our supporting restaurants” Sarah Dickinson also noted “64 Members live outside of our borough but are coming in to spend their money with our shops and traders”

Positive Community Impact

Membership numbers have been steadily increasing since the card was launched in 2014 but 2018 has shown a tremendous increase to date and we are only half way through the year. It is very encouraging to see the local community engaging and supporting Pride of the Borough in their efforts to keep our borough “clean and green”.

Members receive a monthly update email which also invites them to participate in local projects and in our monthly work party with activities such as bulb planting / litter picking events at locations throughout the borough.

2018 Membership cards cost just £5.00 per calendar year and are still available and can be purchased from Oadby Library, Oadby & Wigston Council Customer Services on Bell Street, Wigston or by downloading an application form from the website.

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