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Oadby man told by court to keep dangerous dogs on lead and muzzled

A man whose two dogs attacked a family’s Labrador has been ordered by a court to keep his dogs under proper control.

The Labrador suffered multiple bite wounds requiring extensive veterinary treatment as a result of the unprovoked attack which occurred near to Beauchamp College on Ridgeway, Oadby back in August 2018.

Amanprit Singh, 33, of Briar Meads, Oadby was ordered in his absence by Leicester Magistrates’ Court to keep his dangerous dogs, a Japanese Akita and Belgian Shepherd, on lead and muzzled at all times whilst in a public place.

At the hearing on 3 January, the court heard that Mr Singh had failed to heed previous advice of the Council to keep his dogs under proper control following a previous incident back in October 2015 where a Springer Spaniel was attacked by the same two dogs along the footpath at the Glen Gorse Golf Club, Oadby.

A spokesperson for the Council said: “Mr Singh’s unconcerned attitude that it was not necessary for him to properly control his dogs, when they have in the past shown a predisposition of attacking other dogs, forced the Council to seek the court’s intervention under the Dogs Act 1871.”

The Council will robustly investigate any report of a dangerous dog and take the necessary legal action to promote the highest standard of responsible dog ownership,” the spokesperson added.

Whilst not banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, Japanese Akitas and Belgian Shepherds are powerful breeds of dogs with known aggressive traits often bred for the purpose of guarding.

Mr Singh was also ordered to pay the Council £660.00 in costs in bringing the case to court.

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