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Council issues knife crime warning to tenants

Oadby & Wigston Borough Council has issued a warning that any involvement by its tenants in knife crime will not be tolerated. The warning comes following the eviction of a family with 3 children, after one of the children became involved with a gang, ignored numerous warnings about his behaviour and was then arrested as part of a gang in possession of a machete in the vicinity of the council property.

Housing Services Manager, Steve Nash said: ‘If you live in one of our homes and go out with a knife we will take firm action.”

Dave Gill, Head of Law and Governance at the Council added: “This is another example of close working between the Council’s Anti-Social Behaviour Team, Housing and the Police to support the national anti-knife crime agenda in order to make our streets safer. The message to tenants is clear – if you or anybody living at or visiting your property are caught in possession of a knife the Council will take action to end your tenancy and evict you.”

The Council confirmed that this was the second eviction in the last eight months as a result of involvement in knife crime.

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