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Dangerous Dog Muzzled

Wigston man told by court to keep dangerous dog muzzled

A man whose dog attacked several dogs on multiple occasions has been ordered by a court to keep his dog under proper control.

On each occasion, the attacks which took place at Brocks Hill Country Park, Oadby in the late part of 2018 and early part of 2019 were all unprovoked.

Rajvinder Singh, 42, of Oadby Road, Wigston was ordered by Leicester Magistrates’ Court to keep his dog, a Doberman pincher, muzzled at all times in a public place.

At the hearing on 12 June, the court heard that Mr Singh had failed to heed previous advice from the Council to keep his dog under proper control following the previous incidents.

A Council spokesperson said: “Mr Singh’s unconcerned attitude that it was not necessary for him to properly control his dog, when it had in the past shown a predisposition of attacking other dogs, forced the Council to seek the court’s intervention under the Dogs Act 1871.”

The Council will robustly investigate any report of a dangerous dog and take the necessary legal action to promote the highest standard of responsible dog ownership,” the officer added.

Mr Singh was also ordered to pay the Council £200.00 in costs in bringing the case to court.

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