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Housing Update - Covid-19

Sheltered Housing

We are supporting you to take social distancing measures by closing all communal facilities in the sheltered schemes, other than the laundry rooms for those who do not have laundry facilities in their home. When using the facilities we ask that residents apply cleanliness measures stringently and ask any carers to do the same.

We are limiting the number of council staff and contractors entering our older housing schemes, which includes us stopping any non-urgent visits. Cleaning will continue as usual and it is a priority for us to ensure cleanliness is maintained. Hand sanitiser continues to be monitored and will be refilled by the cleaners if found to be empty.

We are considering ways in which we can support our residents in older-peoples housing who are social distancing or self isolating. As you no doubt appreciate we are reacting to an every changing environment, plans are being put in place as a priority and I will be in contact with you once I have further information.

Housing Management (General needs)

We are limiting the number of council staff and contractors entering our properties, which includes us stopping any housing management visits to individual properties. Visits to external and communal areas will be considered and assessed to determine whether they are essential.


We will only be able to respond to serious anti-social behaviour (ASB) inline with our ASB policy until further notice. All reports of ASB will be recorded and we will prioritise our response, and any low level ASB will be recorded and responded to once normal service resumes.

You can continue to report ASB by using our online reporting ASB form on the council website, or calling the customer contact centre.

Examples of serious ASB include:

  • Hate related incidents (based upon the Protected Characteristics identified in the Equality Act (2010).)
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Physical Violence (other than Domestic Abuse)
  • Drug Production / Supply
  • Threatening Behaviour


The housing repairs service will provide for the following services only:

All tenants will receive a letter with further information and definitions of emergency and urgent repairs.

Whilst we are only able to carry out the above mentioned repairs you can still call us to report routine repairs which we will log, and once we are able to resume normal business we will start to work through those reported.

Housing options

We are prioritising emergency homeless cases and as such choice based lettings applications and reviews may take longer than usual to process.

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