Enforcement - Open Letter From The Leader of The Council

Published: Friday, 9 October 2020

During the COVID19 pandemic our top priority has been to ensure that we keep all our residents as safe as possible. As part of the Council’s multi-faceted COVID19 plan making sure we are adhering to government guidelines has formed part of this.

Since the change of restrictions where we opened businesses in the Borough and our night time recovery began to open we have deployed COVID Marshals in the Borough.

These are for the benefit and safety of all our residents. These marshals patrol the town centres during the day, ensure that premises and businesses adhere to social distancing and government guidelines in the evening and also make sure our parks are safe.

Along with our COVID19 marshals we also have our officers from the Council out and about in the Borough visiting businesses, pubs and restaurants. Some of these visits are intelligence led but also it is important that spot checks are conducted, particularly in our night time economy to ensure that all the government guidelines are adhered to. This can range from checking that the NHS Test and Trace is in place, to social distancing and face coverings.

It has been necessary over the last two weeks to serve two direction notices which have closed down restaurants in conjunction with working with the County Council. In addition, our Council Enforcement Officers have had to serve fines at three locations who have broken the guidance.

We have seen the rates of infection rise exponentially across the country and it is important that our COVID19 marshals and Enforcement Officers continue to perform their roles and take action where necessary to keep us all safe.

It is up to all of us to continue to play our part to try to stabilise and reduce the rates of infection.

Stay Safe!


Cllr. John Boyce – Leader of the Council