Securing Devices at Home and at Work

Published: Thursday, 15 October 2020

Over 70 percent of global employees work remotely at least once per week and full-time remote workers are increasingly common. In the past, workplaces that weren't set up to work remotely simply didn't. However, the coronavirus pandemic and resulting lockdown of many countries mean that many organisations and their employees are now in the unfamiliar territory of full-time working from home (WFH).

Keep these tips in mind when working from home to keep both your work and personal information secure:

  • Make your home office as secure as you would keep your normal office, whether by locking the door when you are done for the day or ensuring that your devices aren’t left unattended when you go for lunch.
  • Change your home router’s password from the default setting to something unique. This simple step can protect your home network from being accessed for malicious purposes.
  • Keep your work and personal devices separate if possible. It might be easier said than done, but this can help reduce the amount of sensitive data exposed if one or the other device is compromised.
  • Update your operating system and software regularly. Ensuring that you have the most up-to-date applications means it’s far less likely that they will be sensitive to an exploit.
  • Always use antivirus software to prevent potentially harmful viruses.

Remember, Do Your Part – #BeCyberSmart !