Customer Service Centre - Message from John Boyce

Published: Monday, 1 March 2021

  • Image of front of Customer Service Centre Bell street, Wigston
    Image of front of Customer Service Centre Bell street, Wigston

A message from Leader of The Council, Councillor John Boyce, regarding the closure of the Customer Service Centre.

"At the Council Tax and Budget Setting Committee Meeting on 18 February 2021, I spoke at the end of the session about how we as a Council and indeed many other Councils across England are finding themselves under increasing financial pressure.

I made several announcements about changes to service provisions. One of these was how we have reviewed our face to face Customer Service Centre offering. During the pandemic our Customer Service Centre at Bell Street has been closed. Throughout this time our Customer Service Technical Officers have been providing an excellent service virtually without diminishment of service levels.

I can now confirm that the Customer Service Centre will not be re-opening and will remain closed. We will continue to provide our service virtually and look to improve this provision going forward for our residents. The closure is due to our challenging financial situation and associated service costs increasing and it has not been an easy decision to make."