Oadby Pool Site Development

Published: Tuesday, 2 March 2021

1. Will Oadby Youth Club have an alternative venue?

The proposals are currently at a very early stage and the purpose of the funding that was approved by Council for this project is to investigate the feasibility of the proposals further.

Clubs and groups that could be affected have now been contacted.

However, if it is found to be feasible to progress with the plans, then the intention would be to move Oadby Youth Club to an alternative venue – with a potential option being the proposed community building at the former Oadby Swimming Pool site/Ellis Park.

2. Will the Bowls Club Pavilion redevelopment be completed prior to the Walter Charles Centre and existing Oadby Youth Club site being closed?

The Council would ensure that alternative accommodation is available before closing existing venues, except for in exceptional circumstances.

3. Will Stakeholders and residents be consulted on these redevelopments?

Yes and key stakeholders have already been communicated with.

For further information contact business@oadby-wigston.gov.uk.