Community Clean Day

Published: Tuesday, 1 June 2021

The Housing department will be holding a community clean day at Junction Road on Thursday 3rd June at 9.30am.

The aim of the day is to support tenants in the cleaning and clearance of rubbish and any unwanted domestic household furniture and rubbish, cleaning and clearing the immediate environment. It is also an opportunity for people to engage with Housing (and other) to share and exchange ideas on what we can do to support tenants and improve the area in which they live.

The event is designed to support the tenants and residents around Burgess Road, Junction Road and Maromme Square.

The day will include things like:

• Skips will be sited at Maromme Square on the 3rd June between 9am-2pm
• The Housing team will be in attendance to support tenants in disposing of unwanted items
• The team will also be on hand to provide housing advice and assistance
• Competition for Children with a prize given for each child involved in litter picking task
• We will have a recycling point for unwanted furniture
• Refuse team will be in attendance (refuse truck there so operatives can demonstrate to children how it works)
• Free refreshments and breakfast cob (mobile catering on site)
• Risk assessed event including Covid-19
• Free Window Cleaning service to be carried out