Permit offer to keep parking price low for locals and regular shoppers

Published: Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Feedback received from residents and businesses in Oadby & Wigston has led to changes to a planned parking charge scheme which will allow cheaper rates for local people and regular car park users.

Oadby & Wigston Borough Council (OWBC) announced plans earlier this year to introduce charges at its car parks after revealing the council needs to raise £282,080 per year to create a break even/self financing car park service, mitigating the current £170,000 annual loss.*

The new scheme has been drawn up to ensure the car parks become self-financing, rather than to make profit.

Public consultation saw 380 emails and letters received by the council with many asserting that the charging plan would be damaging to local businesses, could cause shoppers to go elsewhere and didn’t account for local residents and car park users.

Taking the responses on board, OWBC has devised a permit scheme which will allow local people to park as cheap as possible, while still addressing the huge financial losses the car parks are currently making for the taxpayer.

With a £50 annual town centre car parking permit for example, a resident visiting twice a week for two to four hours a time would be paying 12 pence per hour for their parking. Residents can add all council countryside and leisure car parks such as Brocks Hill and Wigston Pool by paying £75 for their annual permit.

Councillor John Boyce, Leader of OWBC, said: “We received lots of excellent responses to the consultation and have been able to make amendments that address as many of these concerns as possible.

“The concerns are understandable, but the fact remains that the council cannot sustain its yearly loss and it’d be financially irresponsible to our communities for us to continue in that way.

“Our revised scheme means that local people can buy permits that reward them for visiting our town centres and car parks regularly. We’re talking about figures of less than 50p per hour for those that pop in once a week down to 5p an hour or less for those that spend lots of time in our town centres.”

The other advantages of a permit system include:

  • Removing the need to pay and display
  • Allows shoppers to make unlimited visits
  • Costs reduce the more the permit is used.

The planned charges also mean that parking in Oadby & Wigston will be available at equal to or cheaper rates than neighbouring districts and boroughs.

Permits will also be available to non-Oadby & Wigston residents at an increased cost. The originally proposed parking charges will come into effect for those that park on an ad hoc basis and prefer not to buy a permit.

For a full breakdown of permit, non-permit and ad-hoc parking costs, visit our dedicated webpage.

*Clarification issued. This line previously read:

Oadby & Wigston Borough Council (OWBC) announced plans earlier this year to introduce charges at its car parks after revealing the council is making an unsustainable loss of £282,080 per year while they remain free of charge.