Car parking charges - Leader's response to MP letter

Published: Tuesday, 14 September 2021

On 6 September the Leader of the Borough Council John Boyce received the following letter from Neil O'Brien MP:

Letter from MP Neil O'Brien to Cllr Boyce - 6 September (PDF Document, 501.62 Kb)

On 14 September councillor John Boyce responded with the following letter:

Cllr John Boyce response to Neil O'Brien MP - 14 Sept (PDF Document, 165.65 Kb)

Cllr Boyce's letter makes reference to several documents which are available here:

Printed Full Council Minutes - 30 March 2021 (PDF Document, 197.18 Kb)

Proposed Commercial Car Park Charges - Report 30 March 2021 (PDF Document, 1.36 Mb)

Briefing Note on consultation responses (PDF Document, 321.4 Kb)

Extract - Parking Policies and Strategies research (PDF Document, 426.01 Kb)

Previous letters between Cllr Boyce and the Neil O'Brien MP on the car parking strategy can be found here:

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