Borough Council working with HSE to ensure businesses are working safely to manage the transmission of Covid-19

Published: Thursday, 13 January 2022

Starting the week commencing 24 January, we will be working in collaboration with The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to carry out spot checks on business premises, to ensure they are working safely, where we are responsible for the enforcement of health and safety legislation. This includes business like shops, pubs and leisure centres that local communities use and are crucial to the local economy.

‘Plan B’ is currently in force in England and there are different regulations and guidance to follow.

Businesses must still control the risks and review and update their risk assessment. The following workplace controls remain unchanged:

Businesses must continue to consult their workforce on health and safety matters. Talking to workers and their representatives helps to reduce risk.

The activity will check that our local businesses and respective duty holders are managing their COVID response and control measures in line with current government guidelines. We will use a variety of methods to conduct this activity including telephone calls and visits to premises.

The purpose of the spot checks is to check businesses are aware of the COVID guidance for working safely, that applies to their business, and that they are acting upon it. The guidance recommends adjustments that need to be made, and steps required to make a business safe to help to protect staff, customers and visitors from the coronavirus infection.