Oadby & Wigston gets connected with free Wi-Fi

Published: Tuesday, 19 September 2023

Visitors to South Wigston, Wigston and Oadby town centres can now get online with free public Wi-Fi.

Oadby & Wigston Borough Council (OWBC) recently installed the networks to increase connectivity among shoppers, residents and businesses and to foster economic growth throughout the town centres.

Research has proved that offering free Wi-Fi can increase the time visitors spend in a town centre, allowing them to engage more with local businesses and access local information and events.

Supported by the Wi-Fi, the borough’s digital offer is soon to expand further through a new ‘OW Local’ app launching later this year that will highlight local businesses and offer exclusive deals to users.

Visitors can join the Wi-Fi networks quickly and easily by selecting the ‘Free Wi-Fi’ option for the town they are in from the list on their smartphone or other digital device.

The installation has been welcomed by local business owners with Rose Linnett, owner of Buddies Wigston and Chair of the Wigston Business Group, praising the ‘valuable’ addition to our towns.

Rose said: “People like to be connected and that’s why the free Wi-Fi is really valuable in our town centres.

“Giving people this incentive to spend longer in our towns will only benefit the borough’s businesses, positioning our high streets as a destination to work, socialise or relax as visitors have everything they need.”

Councillor Lee Bentley, Deputy Leader of OWBC, said “Offering free Wi-Fi is a great opportunity to expand our appeal and draw people into our town centres, providing a boost for local businesses while delivering a more convenient experience to shoppers.

“In an increasingly digital age it is important that our offer keeps our visitors and businesses connected, and the anonymous data that the service provides on footfall and visitor’s habits will be able to help us to plan our future town centre strategies to further increase growth.

“The free networks also contribute to digital inclusion and provide an important service to those who don’t have Wi-Fi connectivity in their home, allowing them the chance to get online to access vital services.”