Public drinking

In response to concerns about public drinking in South Wigston and Oadby, the Council has successfully applied for Designated Public Places Orders (DPPOs) which prohibit the use of alcohol in specified areas. The details of these can be downloaded in the following PDFs:

South Wigston Alcohol Exclusion Zone (PDF Document, 12.51 Kb)

DPPO Fludes Lane (PDF Document, 428.41 Kb)

Drug and alcohol advice and support

FRANK is a national helpline dealing with all drug issues. Calls are free from landlines on 0800 776 600. You can also text on 82111.

Locally, you can contact Leicester Drug And Alcohol Action Team (DAAT) by emailing or by telephoning Leicester (0116) 305 2680. Also, you can contact the Leicestershire Community Projects Trust (LCPT). You can get information from them by telephoning Leicester (0116) 222 9555 (drugs) or Leicester (0116) 222 9545 (alcohol). Under 18s who want information about any type of substance misuse should telephone Leicester (0116) 252 1655.

Drinkline is a national drink telephone helpline and they can be contacted 24 hours a day on freephone 0800 917 8282.

A drug and alcohol outreach worker is employed jointly by Oadby and Wigston Borough Council and Blaby District Council and can be contacted for guidance, support and counselling using the details in the contact panel on the right.

A substance misuse self-help group operates from the Community Flat at 66 Boulter Crescent, Wigston on Wednesday afternoon. Please contact the substance misuse worker at the contact details on the left of this page for further information.

Download our Domestic Violence and Substance Misuse Information Leaflet (PDF Document, 327.6 Kb)

Leicestershire and Rutland Substance Misuse Strategic Team

Monday 3rd December 2012 saw the launch of the 'Legal Highs Lethal Lows' harm minimisation campaign by Leicestershire and Rutland Substance Misuse Strategic Team (SMST).

The campaign aims to highlight the risks of legal highs (also known as Novel Psychoactive Substances) and recreational substance misuse, particularly to those enjoying the night-time economy over the Christmas holidays when alcohol consumption also increases.

Legal Highs are substances which produce the same, or similar effects, to drugs such as cocaine and ecstasy but are not controlled under the Misuse of Drugs Act. Legal Highs refers to a broad category of unregulated compounds or products that are marketed as legal alternatives to well known controlled drugs.

Various initiatives will be running over an eight week period across Leicestershire and Rutland to raise awareness of the effects of legal highs and offering help and support, these include: a poster campaign within local bars, taxis, educational establishments and drug and alcohol treatment services across the County, launch of a free downloadable phone application game 'life is a dance floor' with a competition to win the new Apple iPAD mini in partnership with Takeover Radio and local youth website The Jitty. Daily news and tweets will also be posted via the SMST Facebook and Twitter pages and via the dedicated campaign website at Legal Highs Lethal Lows.

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