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Allocations Development Plan Document: Issues and Options Sites in South Wigston

South Wigston Aerial Photograph

This page contains details of issues relating to planned developments in the South Wigston area.

The Allocations Issues and Options Paper sets out site specific options for development: this is the first stage in the preparation of the document. This page is an index of sites which have been suggested to us within the South Wigston area. Site descriptions and site photographs can be found in Appendix 4 of the Allocations Document. The sites included within the Issues and Options Paper are not being promoted by the Borough Council and are for discussion at this stage.

Maps of Site Suggestions

Set out below is a schedule of sites which have been suggested to us for development. These site suggestions are for discussion purposes and the site boundaries are indicative. They are not being promoted by the Borough Council.

The sites put forward should be considered in conjunction with the Allocations Issues and Options Paper and supporting Sustainability Appraisal. The Issues and Options paper puts forward site specific options.


Cornwall Road and Gloucester Crescent (PDF Document, 241.45 Kb)
Land at Magna Road and Blaby Road (PDF Document, 258.87 Kb)
Land at Railway Triangle (PDF Document, 252.71 Kb)
Land Off Tigers Road (PDF Document, 189.82 Kb)

Neighbourhood Centre

Gloucester Crescent Local Centre (PDF Document, 78.16 Kb)

Mixed Uses

Land at Canal Street and Blaby Road (PDF Document, 61.62 Kb)
Land at Premier Drum (PDF Document, 149.09 Kb)

Open Space, Recreation and Tourism

Land East of Lansdowne Grove (PDF Document, 191.1 Kb)
Land to the South of Harrison Close (PDF Document, 112.43 Kb)


Former Elequip Factory on Gloucester Crescent (PDF Document, 89.36 Kb)
Former Wigston Landfill Site on Magna Road (PDF Document, 71.42 Kb)
Land at Bennett Way (PDF Document, 95.37 Kb)


Land at Railway Triangle (PDF Document, 258.45 Kb)

Aerial Imagery: Copyright GeoPerspectives. Supplied by Bluesky International Ltd. 2011

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