Brocks Hill Redevelopment

Strategic Director Tracy Bingham and Cllr Samia Haq checking on progress inside Brocks Hill

The council is swapping its primary offices from Bushloe House in Wigston to Brocks Hill in Oadby in an innovative and eco-friendly move that will make significant financial savings in coming years.

Work on the renovation started in September 2022 and is expected to be complete by spring 2023. (Pictured Strategic Director Tracy Bingham and Councillor Samia Haq checking on progress inside Brocks Hill)

Bushloe House will be sold with the proceeds invested into the renovation of the Brocks Hill, a building that the council already owns, to include a suitable office space.

This move will see the council better its financial position by more than £2million over the next 10 years whilst also significantly reducing its carbon footprint due to the modern, green design of the Brocks Hill building.

Once work is complete the office will be fit for purpose for up to 30 years, and will reflect the council's new agile working environment. The working space will have room for up to a maximum of around 30 staff at any one time as well as a fully functioning Council Chamber that is flexible in its design so the room can be used for other council-business, community meetings and events.

Frequently Asked Questions

Image of Brocks Hill visitor centre

Can I still visit Brocks Hill whilst the work is happening?

Yes, the park and its outdoor facilities are available to visit as usual throughout the work.

The public cafe and toilets are now closed, are they gone forever?

No, the café and toilets are only closed while the renovation work takes place. A renovated public café and toilets will then re-open at Brocks Hill once the work in completed in spring 2023. The toilets will be in the same configuration as before offering male, female and disabled facilities.

What if I visit the park during the renovation and I want to use these facilities?

Our leisure partner Everyone Active has agreed that Brocks Hill visitors can use their café and toilets while the renovation work takes place.

Is parking affected?

Car parking will be impacted while work is ongoing – especially the parking spaces nearest to the building as health and safety requires appropriate space for the contractor and the works compound. This arrangement, like the closure of the café and toilets, is only temporary and parking will return to normal when work is completed in spring. Please be assured we are working closely with the contractor to keep disruption to Country Park visitors as minimal as possible

Once the work is done, will council staff occupy most of the parking spaces?

Brocks Hill and Parklands combine to provide a large number of parking spaces and therefore the impact on parking is expected to minimal.

Will council staff have to pay for a permit to park?

Yes, staff will be required to either purchase a permit or pay and display.

Last updated: Thursday, 27 October 2022 2:42 pm