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Budgets 2009-2010

This web page contains an introduction to our budget for 2009/10 and the fundamental principles involved in this process, it also includes links to download and view pdf (Portable Document Format) versions of the overall and committee budget summaries.


We work hard to manage our finances in a way that protects existing services and plans for additional spending pressures within a longer term financial strategy that maintains council tax increases at affordable levels and reserves above a 'minimum' threshold set by us. Our budget strategy is based on maintaining a balanced budget position which does not require a contribution from General Fund balances to achieve our spending plans. This has been achieved for 2009/10 with the exception of a contribution to make up a shortfall in concessionary travel funding and the costs of the eco-town consultation.

Budget Foreword (PDF Document, 24.04 Kb)

Revenue Budget Summary (PDF Document, 13.66 Kb)

Policy Committee Budget Summary (PDF Document, 13.73 Kb)

Services Committee Budget Summary (PDF Document, 15.66 Kb)

Development Control Budget Summary (PDF Document, 11.27 Kb)

Youth Forum Budget Summary (PDF Document, 8.51 Kb)

Licensing Committee Budget Summary (PDF Document, 10.66 Kb)

Housing Revenue Account Budget Summary (PDF Document, 15.52 Kb)

Capital Programme (PDF Document, 16.85 Kb)

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