The Building (Local Authority Charges) Regulations 2010

Building Control Fees and Charges Increase Scheduled for the 1 April 2021

Please take note that the Council's Building Control section will be increasing its standard fees and charges for all domestic and non-domestic works with effect from the 1 April 2021.

A copy of these revised fees and charges will be available to view on the Council's website from the 1 April 2021 and will replace any other fees and charges previously used or listed.

Any persons wishing to make enquiries about these proposed fee increases should address these enquiries in the first instance using the contact form below.

Fees and Charges

The amount you’ll have to pay depends on the type of work you’re going to do, but the total will be the same whether it’s a full plan or a building notice application. Download the PDFs below for information on applicable charges.

Domestic Fees and Charges (PDF Document, 368.76 Kb)

Non-domestic Fees and Charges (PDF Document, 327.96 Kb)

For some extensions and non-domestic work a submission of estimated costs for the works will be needed to value the project. These estimates should be based on a commercial value for completing the work rather than an actual cost (which might sometimes be less due to say an applicant undertaking part of the works him/herself).

The submitted estimate of works will be checked against independently published tables (prepared by the RICS) based on costs per square metre of floor area. Any differences found when checks are made will be discussed with the Applicant or Agent at the time of registration.

In the case of a full plans application, a proportion of the costs are paid when the plans are deposited and the remainder becomes due when works start on site. For Building Notices, the full charge is due when the notice is submitted. However, irrespective of the type of application, the total cost will be the same.

Details of the fee applicable to your project can be discussed with the Building Control Surveyors before making an application.

For estimated costs above £50,000 and £100,000 please contact the Building Control team.

On large or multiple housing projects, the inspection charge on a full plans application can be arranged so that payments can be spread over an agreed period or, divided by the number of plots within an application and raised on commencement of each plot.

Online Application Form

We recommend using our online application process wherever possible; however, should you prefer to submit a paper form by email or post, please use the links below.

Full Plans Application Form (PDF Document, 259.95 Kb)

Building Notice (PDF Document, 264.54 Kb)

Application for a Regularisation Certificate (PDF Document, 167.95 Kb)

  • For giving notice of demolition under section 80 of The Building Act 1984;

Demolition Form (PDF Document, 126.03 Kb)

  • For the application of a street number and/or name;

Street Naming and Numbering Application (PDF Document, 237.25 Kb)

  • For the Cancellation of a Private Building Inspector;

Cancellation of a Private Building Inspector (PDF Document, 13.25 Kb)

Guidance Notes

Street Naming and Numbering Protocol (PDF Document, 766.68 Kb)

  • A guide to extending your home

Leicestershire Building Control guide to extending your home [External link to document]

  • The LABC Leicestershire & Rutland Guide to converting your property

LABC Leicestershire & Rutland Guide to Converting Your Property (PDF Document, 5.21 Mb)

  • Guidance on common domestic buildings that may be exempt under the Building Regulations.

Exempt Domestic Buildings Leaflet (PDF Document, 114.8 Kb)

  • Guidance on the requirements for domestic electrical installations under Approved Document P of Building Regulations.

Electrical Safety Leaflet (PDF Document, 97.44 Kb)

  • Guidance on notification of domestic building works.

Giving Notification of Domestic Building Work (PDF Document, 95.18 Kb)

  • Important Information regarding the adoption of private sewers and lateral drains by water authorities from 1st October 2011

Public Sewer Important Information (PDF Document, 71.93 Kb)

  • Guidance on applying and obtaining a Regularisation Certificate.

Regularisation Certificates (PDF Document, 91.34 Kb)

  • Guidance on domestic smoke and heat alarms.

Smoke and Heat Detectors in Dwellings (PDF Document, 145.24 Kb)

  • Guidance on foundations close to trees.

Building Near Trees Leaflet (PDF Document, 122.94 Kb)

  • Guidance on roof space conversions.

Roof Space Conversions (PDF Document, 112 Kb)

  • Guidance on the re-covering of existing roofs.

Re-Covering of Existing Roofs (PDF Document, 95.12 Kb)

  • Guidance on the renovation of a thermal element

Renovation of Thermal Elements (PDF Document, 266.18 Kb)

  • Guidance on replacement of windows, doors and roof lights.

Replacement Windows, Doors and Roof Lights (PDF Document, 119.7 Kb)

Leaflets produced by the Department of Communities and Local Government

  • Guidance on building works, replacements and repairs to your home.

Building Work, Replacements and Repairs to Your Home (PDF Document, 76.73 Kb)

  • A brief guide to Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs).

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) and What They Mean to You (PDF Document, 508.27 Kb)

  • A builders guide to Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) and new homes.

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) and New Homes: A Builder's Guide (PDF Document, 474.3 Kb)

  • A guide to safe garden wall construction

Safe Garden Walls Leaflet (PDF Document, 266.74 Kb)

Public Sewer Important Information (PDF Document, 71.93 Kb)

LABC Brochures

  • A brochure detailing the Local Authority Building Control (LABC) warranty schemes and products.

LABC Warranty Brochure (PDF Document, 492.5 Kb)

  • A brochure detailing the Local Authority Building Control (LABC) registered details scheme.

LABC Registered Details (PDF Document, 853.44 Kb)

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