The Building Notice system is often used for works to dwellings. It is not appropriate to use a Building Notice for anything other than domestic work, therefore if the proposal relates to anything else, such as commercial, industrial or retail, then a full plans submission must be made.

A Building Notice application does not usually require the deposit of plans and a specification with the application, although there may be occasions when we will ask for plans and particulars of the proposal if compliance with the requirements of the Building Regulations cannot be confirmed without them.

As plans and a specification of the proposal are not submitted with a Building Notice as a matter of course, we do not check and approve plans in the same way as a Full Plans submission. Therefore, if a Building Notice application is made, although the deposit of it will be acknowledged by us, we will not issue an approval notice for the plans, as we will not have checked any.

The Building Notice system operates on the basis that work is checked on-site as it is constructed, and each stage will, therefore, be approved by a Building Control Surveyor once they have inspected the work and determined that it complies with the requirements of the Building Regulations. If upon inspection the work is deemed not to comply, then the person carrying out the work will be asked to alter or remove it.

Online Application Form

When making a Building Notice application the following must be included:-

  1. a completed Building Notice form that has been signed and dated,
  2. the correct Building Notice charge and
  3. in the case of the erection or extension of a building:
    a) location plan of the property at a scale of not less than 1 to 1250, and
    b) particulars of the provision to be made for both the foul and rainwater drainage of the building or extension.

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A Building Notice must be deposited with us at least two days before any work starts on site.

Although a Building Notice may seem to be an attractive method by which to make an application to us because it is quick and does not require plans to be deposited, please consider the following before selecting this route:-

  1. As plans are not required to be deposited, no Approval Notice will be issued.
  2. As there is no approval of a design on paper before work on site begins, there is more risk attached to the construction process in ensuring compliance with the Building Regulations.
  3. There is no protection from prosecution for failure to comply with the Building Regulations that adhering to the design of an approved plan would offer.
  4. If as the result of an inspection building work has to be altered or removed, there will be a cost attached to doing this, which could easily outweigh the cost of having plans drawn for approval.
  5. Our charge for a Building Notice is exactly the same as the total charge for a full plans submission.
  6. If you made a full plans submission and then commenced work prior to the determination of the plans, the application would operate in the same way as a Building Notice during the interim period until the decision was issued.

A Building Notice is a perfectly valid method of making a Building Regulations application, however for the reasons outlined above, we would only recommend that it is used for very simple domestic proposals.

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