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Change of Circumstances

This form allows you to tell us about changes in your circumstances or the circumstances of other people living in your household.

Report a change of circumstances

Important information

You must let us know immediately if your circumstances or the circumstances of the persons living in your household change. The law says that you have to tell us about changes, otherwise you could be overpaid or underpaid benefit. If you are underpaid, you might lose entitlement to this extra money. If you are overpaid you will be expected to repay the money and could be prosecuted for benefit fraud.

Examples of changes to notify us of include:

  • Children joining or leaving your household, or children leaving school or education
  • People moving in and out of your household
  • Changes in the benefits or tax credits you receive
  • Changes to your savings or monies held
  • Changes to the amount of rent you are charged
  • A partner joining or leaving your household
  • Changes at work such as working over-time, getting a new or additional job, leaving or starting work

This is not a full list so please ask us for advice if you are not sure about what changes you need to report. You must always tell us in writing about a change or by using this electronic form. Contacting us by telephone or expecting someone else to tell us about a change is not enough.

Authority has been provided by the Chief Executive to collect this information, see this attachment. Acceptance of electronic claims and changes of circumstances (PDF Document, 280.11 Kb)

Information and Evidence

When your circumstances change, we often need to ask you for additional information such as documents, letters or certificates. If we need additional information we will write to you or telephone you.

SMS text messaging

We are able to use SMS (Short Message Service) text messaging to send you information about your claim. If you are happy for us to contact you by SMS text message remember to give us your mobile phone number and tick the box to say we can contact you by SMS message.

Change of Circumstances Email Form

About you

These questions are about you

Please tell us your last name

Please tell us your first name

Please give us your title

National Insurance Number (two letters, six numbers and one final letter)

Your date of birth (required)

Please tell us the date on which you were born

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Please tell us the first line of your address

Please tell us your post code

Please tell us your home telephone number

Please tell us your mobile telephone number

Please tick this box if you are happy for us to send you SMS messages about your claim

Please provide your email address if you have one

About what has changed

Tell us about what changes have occurred and when they happened

Use this space to tell us about the changes

Date of change (required)

Please tell us the date of change

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By completing this form you are:-

  • telling us that you have given us true and complete information,
  • that you understand that if you have given false, incomplete or misleading information that we can take action against you, this may include court action,
  • you agree that we can use this information to process your claim for Housing and or Council Tax Benefits and that we may check this information with other sources allowed by law,
  • that we may share this information with other organisations such as government bodies, local authorities and private companies if the laws allows it and
  • that you understand that you must tell us in writing or by using this form about any changes in your circumstances or changes in the circumstances of your household members as soon as they occur.

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