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Competition: general rules

The council is looking to promote recycling in a fun and interactive way and we want the children of Oadby and Wigston to be part of this!

In order to raise awareness of recycling, we are holding an exciting competition for all primary school students to draw a picture of what recycling means to them – this could be anything; including what items can be recycled, how it is recycled and/or what the benefits of recycling are.

The Council has recently purchased four new vehicles for collecting waste and in light of this; we are offering the prizes of:

Overall Winner!

The winning drawing will be placed on the side of a collection vehicle – plus a vehicle will be named after the student!

3 Runners Up!

From Oadby, Wigston and South Wigston – each gets a vehicle named

The overall winner will have the new collection vehicle visit their school and the mayor will present them with a certificate – both the Council and the school can take photos for their own publications.

The competition rules and timescales for the competition can be found below.

Competition Timeframe:

  • 8 June – Launch
  • 27 June - Closing date for entries
  • 6 July – Announce Results
  • 13 July – Schools Close
  • July/August – Source name plates for 4 winners and print vehicle poster
  • September: Vehicle to visit school and Mayor to present the award to the overall winner (Photos, press, publicity).

Competition Rules:

  • No postal entries will be accepted - all drawings must be delivered to our Customer Service Centre, Bell Street, Wigston, Leicestershire LE18 1AD (by 4.30 pm Wednesday, 27 June 2018)
  • Alternatively, if the competition is being undertaken in conjunction with a Borough school - please submit to your relevant school and we will collect (check with your school for details of their involvement)
  • Drawing on white paper only – Preferred paper size A3 (however A4 will be accepted)
  • Pictures to be 'landscape' only please (so the drawing would fit the vehicle)
  • Drawing cannot contain any specific products or branding (as we are unable to put this on the vehicle)
  • It can be any combination of pictures or words
  • The subject is recycling – anything that loosely relates to recycling will be accepted
  • Winners will be chosen by a 3 member staff panel – they will choose an overall winner (regardless of location/school), then 1 winner from a Oadby school, Wigston School and South Wigston School – 4 winners in total.
  • Overall winner will have their image on the side of one of the new vehicles
  • Overall winner will have a name plaque added to the front of the same new vehicle
  • The 3 other winners will have a name plaque added to the front of a new vehicle each
  • This will only be the winners’ first name (not surname or age – due to data protection)
  • This can be completed in school time or at home (but the child must attend a primary school in Oadby, Wigston or South Wigston)
  • Each drawing to include: name, school in which they attend and contact details on the back of your submission
  • Contact: for any further questions or details
  • Oadby & Wigston Borough Council's decision is final and we reserve the right to amend terms and conditions at any time
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