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Cooling Towers Registration

This page provides information about cooling towers, how to register them and how to submit a complaint about them.

Cooling towers

All premises which have wet cooling towers and evaporative condensers must be registered with the Council in whose area they are situated. This is regardless of whether the local council or the Health and Safety Executive is the enforcing authority for the premises. The registration is required under the Notification of Cooling Towers and Evaporative Condenser Regulations 1992

These regulations make it a legal duty to notify the council within one month of installation of any cooling tower or evaporative condenser or change to a cooling tower or evaporative condenser. You can apply by completing the cooling towers and evaporative condensers registration form and returning it to us. There is no charge to submit your application for registration.

After 28 days of submitting all correct and relevant information, you can act as if your application is registered, even if you have not heard from us within this time. You also need to let us know if there are any changes to any existing cooling towers or evaporative condensers on your premises. This includes removal or decommissioning of any device to which the regulations apply.

Public register

The regulations require the council to keep a public register of cooling towers in its area. This lists the name and address of the business and the number of cooling towers at its premises. Please see the frequently asked questions at the bottom of this page for a current list of registered cooling towers in the borough of Oadby and Wigston.

The main purpose of the registration scheme is to identify potential areas that could give rise to the spread of infectious diseases such as Legionella and to ensure that steps are taken to control the risk of such infections spreading to employees and the public. These precautions required to minimise the risk of infection can be found in the approved code of practice and guidance, issued by the Health and Safety Executive, called Legionnaires' disease. The control of legionella bacteria in water systems.

Complaints about service

If you are not happy about how we have dealt with your application to register a cooling tower or evaporative condenser, please contact us with as much detail as possible about your complaint. In addition, if you are in the United Kingdom (UK), Consumer Direct will give you advice. From outside the UK, contact the UK European Consumer Centre.

To apply

Download the Application Form for Completion and Return Off Line (PDF Document, 12.88 Kb)

Change notification

Download the Change Form for Completion and Return Off Line (PDF Document, 13.04 Kb)

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