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Core Strategy

Please note, the Core Strategy has been superseded by the adopted Borough of Oadby and Wigston Local Plan.

Adopted Core Strategy

The Council's Core Strategy was adopted on 28th September 2010. To view the Core Strategy, use the links below:

Core Strategy (PDF Document, 2.13 Mb)

The Sustainability Appraisal is a process through which the sustainability of a Development Plan Document under preparation is assessed. Under the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 sustainability appraisals are mandatory for Development Plan Documents.

Core Strategy Sustainability Appraisal (PDF Document, 685.68 Kb)

Historical Core Strategy Consultations

Regulation 36

On 28th September 2010, Oadby and Wigston Borough Council formally adopted its Core Strategy. More information on the Core Strategy Regulation 36.

Inspector's Report Published

On 13th August 2010 the Council received the Inspector's Final Report. The report required the Council to make a number of changes to the Core Strategy document before it could be adopted at a meeting of the Full Council on 28th September 2010.

View the Inspectors Report

Consultation on Possible Changes

Following the hearings sessions a number of changes to the Core Strategy were proposed. These changes underwent a period of consultation. The consultation ran from 19th May 2010 for four weeks, until 5:00 p.m. on 16th June 2010.

A full list of the proposed changes is available to download or can be viewed at the Council Offices.


On 25th January 2010 Oadby and Wigston Borough Council submitted the Core Strategy to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government for formal inspection. An Inspector, Jill Kingaby Bsc(Econ) MSc MRTPI, was appointed by the Planning Inspectorate.

Submission documents on the Regulation 30 page


The inspection programme progressed as followed:-

17th March 2010:-

The pre-hearing meeting was held on 17 March 2010, at the Council Offices in Wigston.

27th April 2010 to 6 May 2010:-

The hearings were held at Beauchamp College in Oadby, the timetable for the hearings is outlined below.
Detailed agendas for the hearing sessions are available in the document library.

Tuesday 27th April 2010:-

Matter 1: Context and general approach
Matter 2: The spatial strategy for development

Wednesday 28th April 2010:-

Matter 3: Housing

Thursday 29th April 2010:-

Matter 4: Economic Development

Tuesday 4th May 2010:-

Matter 5: Climate change, renewable energy, flood risk, the water environment
Matter 6: Countryside, open and green space

Wednesday 5th May 2010:-

Matter 7: Transport
Matter 8: Infrastructure and delivery

Inspector's Report

The Inspector's Report was received in July 2010.

Publication and Regulation 27 consultation

The Regulation 27 Consultation ran from 19th October to 30th November 2009. The representations received from the consultation have been submitted to the Inspectorate along with the other Submission documents.

Further information on the Regulation 27 Document

The Representations and related documents

Regulation 25 Consultation Document

From representations received at the Preferred Options consultation stage, the team developed the Supplemental Issues and Options document and brought forward a Regulation 25 Consultation document. This was put out for consultation for a statutory eight week period from 28 November 2008 until 23 January 2009.

Further information on the Core Strategy Regulation 25 Consultation Document

Preferred Options Stage

The Core Strategy Preferred Options document has been produced as a basis for consultation on the second stage of preparing the Oadby and Wigston Core Strategy. It builds upon the earlier Issues and Options consultation stage which took place during July and August 2005. A Sustainability Appraisal has also been prepared alongside the document. The Core Strategy Preferred Options paper was on consultation from Monday 24th April 2006 to Monday 5th June 2006. Further information on the Core Strategy Preferred Options.

Issues and Options Stage

The Issues and Options Paper was the first stage in the preparation of the Core Strategy. It set out a number of key issues and options for consultation. The Issues and Options Paper was on consultation from Friday 22nd July 2005 to Friday 19th August 2005. Further information on the Core Strategy Issues and Options Paper.

Supplemental Issues and Options paper

As a result of previous consultations on the Core Strategy and advice from the Government Office we undertook consultation on a supplemental Issues and Options Paper which considered choices and broad locations of growth.

The supplemental Issues and Options and Paper was on consultation from Friday 29th June 2007 to Friday 10th August 2007.

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