Coronavirus (COVID-19): Community Hub:

  • 1,392 – the number of times vulnerable members of the community were supported by the hub
  • 732 – tasks completed by volunteers to support others
  • 362 hours (or 48 working days) – number of volunteering hours spent to help those in need.

The council’s community hub ran since Covid-19 began and was supported by kind-hearted volunteers across the borough – thank you for everything you’ve done.

The hub officially closed on Friday 3 December as this level of support is no longer needed by our communities.

The council of course remains available to support people in crisis, especially with challenges such as homelessness. Emergency gas and electric top-ups will remain available after the Hub’s closure until further notice.

A directory of local pharmacy and grocery delivery options is available here - Pharmacy and grocery directory (Excel Spreadsheet, 17.76 Kb)

Supporting Vulnerable People in Our Borough

We want to make sure that during this difficult time, vulnerable people who have to isolate can get the support they need, either from friends or family, volunteers in the community or if they are on their own from the Council.

You can fill in a form to volunteer to help the people who need support. Please see the 'What Can I/We Do to Help?' section below.

Please always refer to the latest official government information on social distancing.

This service will prioritise those people who have no one else to help and who are the most vulnerable, for example over the age of 70, have an underlying health condition, families struggling to cope and those people who have received a letter from the NHS stating they are in a priority group.

Other Community Support Agencies

A number of community groups and services are offering support in the Borough during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The Council has collated a list of the available groups and services and will continue to update this list on a daily and ongoing basis.

If the agencies found on this list are unable to provide the support you require, please contact the Council's Customer Service Centre directly.

Further Information

If you have any queries or require further information regarding volunteering for the 'Community Hub' initiative, please contact:

Contact: Community & Wellbeing Team


(Use the subject line: 'Volunteering - Community Hub: Coronavirus (COVID-19)')

Last updated: Thursday, 9 June 2022 4:05 pm