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Council Statements

This page contains information regarding each of the eight Matters that were discussed as part of the Core Strategy's Examination in Public in April-May 2010. At the Pre-Hearing Meeting the Inspector called for further Written Submissions based on the questions outlined in the Core Strategy Matters and Issues (PDF Document, 66.43 Kb). The Council's responses are listed below.

Matter 1 (PDF Document, 625.52 Kb)
Matter 2 (PDF Document, 292.59 Kb)
Matter 3 (PDF Document, 331.13 Kb)
Matter 4 (PDF Document, 306.86 Kb)
Matter 5 (PDF Document, 290.16 Kb)
Matter 6 (PDF Document, 313.56 Kb)
Matter 7 (PDF Document, 294.82 Kb)
Matter 8 (PDF Document, 298.67 Kb)

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