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Countywide Campaign to stop fly-tipping

The County Campaign

A new campaign to stop people illegally dumping their rubbish (known as fly-tipping) in Leicestershire has been launched.

Enviro crime - fly tipping

Councils across the city and county have joined forces to warn people that they face hefty fines and a criminal record if they are caught fly-tipping.

The fines can range from £400 to £5000 or unlimited in Court along with the criminal record.

Fly-tipping is a huge problem in Leicester and across each district in the county, with councils dealing with 12,000 incidents per year.

Residents can also be fined and prosecuted for using a dodgy trader who doesn’t have a waste licence and operates door-to-door.

Should you wish to report a fly-tip this can be done through the Councils website follow the link

or if you wish to have a bulky collection made this can be done by booking a collection with the Councils Waste team at

There is a campaign website where further details are available.

See the video to see what could happen to you!

Fly Tipping

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