If a structure or building is considered to be in a dangerous condition, we are responsible for ensuring that the danger is removed to safeguard the general public against injury or worse.

We have a statutory duty to deal with dangerous buildings and structures throughout the borough and are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our objective is to safeguard the public by quickly dealing with any situation that may arise. We have the statutory authority to take legal action against the building or structure owner(s) who do not take steps to remove any potential danger.

Our powers under dangerous building legislation do not, however, extend to dealing with dilapidated premises, which may be in a poor condition but do not present a danger to the public.

How to report a dangerous structure

If you wish to report a building or structure that poses a potential danger, please use the link below.

Report a dangerous structure

Information to be provided:-

  • address of danger,

  • a precise description of what you consider to be dangerous and its location,

  • any known ownership details and access provisions that will assist us in dealing with the complaint and

  • your name and contact details so we can contact you if necessary.

In an emergency situation outside of normal office hours please contact the out of hours officer. If the building does not pose an immediate danger please wait to report the structure until the next available working day.

Last updated: Wednesday, 9 September 2020 10:18 am