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1.9 - Delivering High Quality Places - Design, Landscape, Character and Heritage

What the Government say:

Planning for High Quality Places: Design, Landscape and Heritage“Planning should always seek to secure high quality design and a good standard of amenity for all existing and future occupants of land and buildings”[1]

“The government attaches great importance to the design of the built environment”[2]

“Local Plans should develop robust and comprehensive policies that set out the quality of development that will be expected”[3]

“The Planning System should......protect and enhance valued landscapes”[4]

“Local planning authorities should set out in their Local Plan a positive strategy for the conservation and enjoyment of the historic environment”[5]

What the Borough’s Local Plan needs to do:

The Local Plan needs to seek to conserve and enhance the built, natural and historic environment. The Local Plan will also need to promote high quality and sustainable design and use of materials.

The Local Plan will need to identify and seek the enhancement of the Conservation Areas and important buildings within the Borough.

The Borough has an array of different landscape and urban character areas, some of which are very unique. The Local Plan will need to ensure that new development reflects the particular character of the areas.

The current situation:

We have identified the boundaries of nine Conservation Areas (listed below) and set out why these areas are of special architectural and historic importance to the Borough.[6] Additionally, there is a Conservation Area that has been designated by Leicestershire County Council which relates to the Grand Union Canal.


Wigston and South Wigston

London Road and Saint Peters Church Conservation Area

All Saints Conservation Area

North Memorial Homes and Framework Knitters Conservation Area

Midland Cottages Conservation Area

Oadby Court Conservation Area

South Wigston Conservation Area

Oadby Hill Top and Meadowcourt Conservation Area

Spa Lane Conservation Area

The Lanes Conservation Area

We seek to protect the statutory Listed Buildings in the Borough and have worked with the local civic societies to identify other buildings that, although not listed, are of significance to the Borough. These are listed in the saved Local Plan.

We have identified Landscape Character Areas and use these to ensure that a high quality of design is incorporated into new buildings that are built in the Borough. In particular we aim to ensure that new buildings fit well into their surroundings and reflect the existing scale and nature of the area. We have also identified green infrastructure corridors in order to ensure that wildlife can move freely through the Borough and to protect important habitats.

[1] National Planning Policy Framework (paragraphs 17); March 2012

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[6] Conservation Area Appraisals; 2007

Planning for the Natural Environment, Play and Open Space and Green Spaces

The Challenges for the Future

Quick Questions

Detailed Questions

High quality and sustainable design is a key component of current national guidance. It will be important to ensure that buildings are designed to a high standard in the future as an attractive environment will encourage inward investment and the use of town centres and other facilities by local people.

The Local Plan will need to protect landscapes and buildings that add true value to the Borough whilst at the same time allowing for their enhancement and enabling development without causing harm to the special characteristics.

The Local Plan will need to ensure that new development reflects the character of the Borough.

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