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Document Library Legislation

This section provides links to relevant legislation used in the preparation of the Core Strategy as well as Planning Policy Circulars. All links on this page redirect to external web sites.

Relevant Legislation

Planning and Energy Act 2008
Police and Justice Act 2006
Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004
Local Government Act 2000
Pollution Prevention and Control Act 1999
Crime and Disorder Act 1998
Building Regulations Approved Document L: Conservation of Fuel and Power

Planning Policy Statements and Guidance

Planning Policy Statements (PPS) and Planning Policy Guidance (PPG) are documents produced by central government to guide local authorities in the development of their Local Development Frameworks (LDF). A full list of PPS’s and PPG’s is available to below.

Planning Policy Statements and Guidance

Planning Circulars

Odpm Circular 01-2006 (PDF Document, 252.06 Kb)
Odpm Circular 05-2005 (PDF Document, 149.02 Kb)
DCLG Circular 01-2006 (PDF Document, 552.1 Kb)
DCLG Circular 04-2007 (PDF Document, 198.38 Kb)

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