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Empty Homes

Empty homesEmpty properties are a wasted resource and can have a detrimental effect on the local community as they often attract vandals which causes distress to neighbours.

In 2013 we had 575 empty homes in the borough which represents 2.5% of our stock, 186 of these properties have been empty for 12 months or more. This is a wasted resource that could provide much needed homes for our residents. To provide this number of new homes we would need to use 35,000m2 of land in the borough with a cost of one-hundred million pounds.

If you are an empty property owner and would like some help to bring the property back into use there may be help available. We will consider offering a mix of grants and loans to bring the property back into use. These will be dependant on an agreement that the property is made available to tenants currently bidding for homes through the Choice Based Letting scheme.

If you would like to report an empty home or have an empty home which you need some help to deal with, please complete the online enquiry form. We can then discuss what help may be available to you.

Help may also be available from the Empty Homes Agency.

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