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Environmental Wardens

This page provides information on the Environmental Wardens Volunteer Group, what they do and how we support them.

Who are environmental wardens

Environmental wardens are a group of volunteers, responsible for looking after an area of the borough of a size and location suitable for them. This could be as small as the pavement of the street in front of their house. Larger areas include an open space, a row of shops or the roads near a school.

Wardens undertake

  • Litter picking
  • Reporting dog fouling, graffiti, untidy sites, incidents of anti social behaviour, needles, signs of drug or alcohol use
  • Raising awareness of the cleaner, greener environments in their neighbourhoods.

We support them by providing

  • Disposable gloves
  • Picker
  • Bags and bag rings
  • Contact numbers for reporting incidents (including out of hours emergency number and contact names and telephone numbers)

Becoming an Environmental Warden

If you are interested in becoming an Environmental Warden please click here to contact us.

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